Sunday, December 19, 2004

Ferry Meadows


Gadwall I have been hoping to get some good photos of Gadwall for a little while now. Lynch Lake at Ferry Meadows is the best place in the area for this... The birds feed close to the shore and though they initially swim away from you, they soon come back again!

Coot Coot a la Tranter :o)

Round on the nature reserve, there were plenty of Teal (above) and Shoveler to have a go at. Unfortunately, both species spent most of their time either asleep or with their heads underwater.

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

A Grey Heron had its eye on some fish for elevenses. I accidentally got some action shots! There is a delay between my finger pressing the shutter and the camera taking the picture. This means lots of pictures that don't show quite what you had in mind. I wonder if I will ever succumb to the temptation that is DSLR?

Black-headed Gull
I didn't notice the ripples of light reflecting from the water back onto the gull until I got home...

Song Thrush

Sometimes you stop and wonder whether there is a god of digiscoping smiling down on you. This was very lucky indeed. The Song Thrush hopped up from beside the railway into a tree near where I was standing. It was a bit dark but I got the scope onto it anyway. Amazingly, it stayed while I got a handful of shots - which were in focus! This does not happen every day...

Guelder Rose berries

You can tell where the Bullfinches have been laying into the guelder rose berries...


And, in time for Christmas, a Robin.

digiscoped photos taken with Nikon Coolpix 995 + Leica Apo Televid 62 with 16x eyepiece

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  1. As always, your pics are amazing. Thanks for sharing them!