Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Why twitching is a bad idea - part 2

Yes, this lunchtime was another example of how twitching can be a silly thing to do. There was a report of a Black Kite near Monks Wood (in the deep south of the PBC area) yesterday afternoon.

In my usual cynical manner, I immediately dismissed it as a Red Kite seen by someone driving up the A1 who doesn't realise that Reds occur in the district. But today's sighting seemed to be a little more exciting:

This just on Birdguides:

11:52 14/09/04 Black Kite Cambs Monks Wood
one still showing well this morning in open grassland


WeedWorld and I managed to get out at lunchtime. It was tipping it down with rain but we pressed on down the A1. Except we didn't know exactly where we were going or where the bird had last been reported.

After driving round the area around Wood Walton village for a while (very scenic, I might add), we found the correct location. A load of would-be twitchers' cars parked off the road. No people to be seen - they were all sheltering in their vehicles. The rain was torrential and it was very windy.

Five minutes after finding the correct spot, it was time to leave, so we drove back to the office.

The end.

Some people are expressing doubt over the bird's identity, or certainly that of a 'kite sp.' which was reported today. There was a funny-looking Marsh Harrier around, apparently. I have seen Red Kites sitting on the ground (on Upper Benefield cricket pitch, to be precise), but it seems like a very harrier sort of thing to do.

One day we'll see something at lunchtime...

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